With over thirty  years  Oracle  technical  consulting  experience  covering  across  a   broad   range  of  business   and   industry    sectors  we  bring insight,  perspective  and  balanced  judgement  in  addition to  in-depth  technical  knowledge  and   advanced    software  development  skills.   

We   work   closely   with   your  SME’s   to  identify   and  evaluate  feasibility   options  and   where   appropriate   develop   quality  assured APEX Cloud Apps   solutions

"value comes from increased connectivity between businesses, their employees, their ecosystems and their customers"

Miriam Hernandez-Kakol, Global Head of Management Consulting, KPMG

Application Development

We  are BCS  Chartered  IT  Professionals  and  work  to   the   highest  industry  standard  using  tried  and  tested  application  design,  development  and  system integration  skills   to  create   quality   assured  software  that  maximises   Clients’  return  on  investment  quickly and  cost-effectively  with  high  levels of  satisfaction

Our benchmark  is  ease  of  use  through  simplicity  of  design  and  the production of  reliable,  maintainable,  User  oriented  APEX Cloud Apps  solutions  that  deliver clear business  benefits

We offer affordable,  tailored SLA based application support services to  Customers  

Enhancing ERP functionality

Business  processes  don’t  always   exactly  fit  with  off-the-shelf  package  software:    functionality  may be  clumsy  or missing,  navigation  too unwieldy  or screen layouts  sub-optimal  resulting  in unnecessarily  high  transaction costs 

However,  customising  the   functionality  of  ERP  systems  is usually  technically  complex,  time-consuming,  expensive  and  in  some cases   simply  not  possible

Rapid-development,   low-code   APEX Cloud Apps  is  a  great  solution  in  this    scenario  with  its  industry  standards  based  integration  oriented  architecture  and  modern   aesthetics   that  enables  beautifully  tailored  enterprise-grade      custom  applications  to  be delivered  in days 

Modernizing Oracle Forms

Thousands of excellent Oracle Forms & Reports  custom  applications  were created  over  the  last  three  decades,   in  many  cases   evolving  to  become  perfectly  tuned  business  solutions   that  enabled  companies  to  capture  market  share  due  to  greater  efficiencies  and  better  customer  service

However,  technology  has  moved  on  with  the  emergence  of  cloud  based systems  and Forms & Reports  are  no  longer  best  suited  to  exploiting the  new opportunities  offered  by  highly  interconnected  applications

We have years of Oracle Forms & Reports development experience as well as advanced APEX skills  and can convert  your valuable  legacy  software into  modern APEX Cloud Apps  that will  help  your  business  survive  and thrive  in new and  ever more  challenging  and  competitive  environments


APEX Training

Introduction to Oracle APEX

Audience: This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn the concepts of Oracle APEX
Pre-requisites: IT literate with ideally a good knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL
Duration: 4 days
  • Introducing APEX
  • Getting Started with APEX
  • Working with the SQL Workshop
  • Creating a Database Application
  • Creating Forms
  • Creating Reports
  • Understanding Pages and Regions
  • Working with Items and Buttons
  • Adding Computations, Processes, and Validations
  • Understanding Session State
  • Working with Shared Components
  • Using Themes and Theme Styles
  • Oracle APEX Workspace Administration
  • APEX Security Features
  • Introduction to Dynamic Actions
  • Creating and Using Plug-ins
  • Displaying other Content
  • Data Loading
  • Migrating an Application between Environments

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