Data Analyzer

APEX Cloud Apps Data Analyzer uses drilldown BI dashboards and scheduled email management reporting to communicate information throughout the business, tracking KPI’s, revealing insights, identifying trends and highlighting anomalies

No need for expensive BI tools,  they come included as standard

Configurable fine-grained column and row-level security ensure individuals  see only information they are authorised to access

“Collaborating across partners, peers and customers opens doors for innovation”

David Treat, Technology Incubation Group Lead, Accenture

Business Intelligence

Fast-response  drilldown  dashboards  provide  stunning,  graphical-rich  analyses that  provide  managers with detailed  insight into  business critical  KPI’s such as absenteeism,  expense analysis and supplier performance

Integrations with external and third-party systems are simple to create using Oracle APEX on OCI meaning new  data  sources can be quickly incorporated at little cost

APEX Cloud Apps advanced Data Loader enables authorised users to load CSV files and spreadsheet data directly into the database for subsequent analysis & reporting


Scheduled Reporting

Pixel  perfect,  full colour  highlighted  management  reports in CSV,  PDF, Excel  and  HTML  format  can  be  scheduled  and automatically sent as email attached reporting packs  to managers  on a daily,  weekly  and  monthly basis

Data archiving

In addition to BI,  APEX  Cloud Apps  also  serves as a useful repository for secure, role-based  access  to  static  archived data  which  may need to be kept for future reference   purposes   or  to   meet  statutory  requirements,  for  example  legacy systems data not being migrated to a new ERP application

Easily   configurable   role-based   row-level  security   and   column  obfuscation    ensure  confidential  remains  hidden  from access  by  unauthorised users