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About Apex Cloud Apps

Target Market: 25,000

“Make your data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable”

UK Government Data Sharing Governance Framework, Published 23 May 2022


A typical  scenario  may  concern  an  established  organization  with multiple legacy  systems  that  wants  a  modern,  rapid  development,  low-code digital platform  for  sharing  documents,   data   and   applications   both  internally  and  also   externally  with  customers,   partners   and  stakeholders.   One that  integrates  easily   with   external   systems  and AI  web services  to  quickly    exploit  new opportunities  with  minimal  investment  and  negligible  risk

Another  scenario  for  an  Enterprise Edition implementation might  concern    an organization migrating  from  a  customised   on-premise ERP system  to  a cloud based COTS package. The problem inevitably arises of what to do about all  the  expensive legacy  customizations  that can’t  be patched into the new system  and  all  the  historic  data  not  being  migrated  across?


APEX Cloud Apps

APEX Cloud Apps  is  a  perfect  solution   to  both  scenarios  since it’s  built  using low-code  Oracle APEX  on  OCI  and  has  fine-grained,   role-based   access  to    documents,  data   and   applications   already  included  together   with  wizard    driven  integration  technology  that  creates  robust  and  reliable  interfaces  with external systems and web services in a manner  more akin to config than coding

This  leaves  more  time  to  develop  customisations  as modern, web-based APEX apps  that  leverage  built-in, rapid  development  BI tools and make it easy to create stunning,   interactive  dashboards  with  drilldown  analytics   and  scheduled  email  reports  that  exceed  managers’  information  expectations

The autonomous Oracle database  combined  with role-based  data access,  data obfuscation and row-level filtering also makes  an  excellent  solution  to  the            requirement for retaining historical archived data for  ad hoc search and retrieval


Enterprise Edition licensed components

  1. Document Manager, including ISO 25964 knowledge base of 50,000+ categories and business document knowledge base of 2600+ categories
  2.  Application Store, including MS Office 365 integration app
  3.  Data Analyzer, including role-based data access, data obfuscation and row-level filtering
  4. My Service Request
  5. System Administration

Cost per User / month
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Number of Users  

250 – 1000

1000 – 5000


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