Released in September 2023,  Ltd  is now  seeking an exclusive,  assignable  SaaS  Reseller agreement with an Organization capable of realizing the platform’s  potential

This website and accompanying video are the pitch

“public information and shared data from private sources can help create $3 trillion a year of value in the global economy”

James Manyika et al , McKinsey Global Institute
jonathan1 Ltd Ltd is  owned  by  Jonathan Kearney  MSc  MBCS  CITP,   a Chartered  IT  Professional  with  over  thirty  years  Oracle  technical  consultancy,  design  and   development    experience   covering   an   extensive   range   of            business    and  industry   sectors   in  the UK  and  Ireland

In  the  past,  Jonathan  has   created  pioneering   software  solutions  in  the  public  sector  and  successfully  bid   for  government   contracts   against  several   global  Consultancies,   including  Oracle.   

His   talents  and  abilities  have   been   recognized  at  national  level by  personal  invitation  to Westminster  to  meet  the  Secretary of  State  for  Local  Government

Jonathan is currently providing software development and consultancy services to Cambridge University


In return for exclusive, assignable Intellectual Property rights to the software, domain and APEX Cloud Apps brand, Ltd  requires  a  negotiable  percentage  share  of  third party  monthly  licence  fee  revenue

Outright sale of the IP ownership will also be considered



Interested parties should use the Contact page to submit a high level proposal
outlining why they would like to be considered.

Alternatively,   initial  contact  may  be  guaranteed  via  the  company’s   registered postal address

All correspondence with be treated in strictest confidence