Personal Edition


Target Market: 25,000

Use Case

Personal Edition is for people who want more than just disk space as an online cloud storage solution which is essentially all that  Google Drive and Apple iCloud provide is for people who want to manage a lifetime’s digital documentation in one place using AI recommended folder structures that are optimally suited to actual file contents as well as the location of similar documents.

And that provides search-engine fast retrieval of information using document data, metadata and AI theme based queries. 


Enhanced information

It’s for people who need a simplified, intuitive app that intelligently organizes their online documents and files and lets them add titles, descriptions, attach aide-memoire including images and hyperlinks, compare files with each other and link related documents together.

Automatic versioning

And it’s for people who need automatic file versioning that prevents accidental data loss and that stores everything in encrypted cloud storage secure from internet bots, and that allows document preview without downloading – including from mobile devices


Personal Edition licensed components

1. Document Manager

Personal edition cost per User/month (terms & conditions apply)

Number of Users  

1  – (no limit) 

£ per User/month