Small Business Edition


     Target Market: 25,000

“Make it easy to start data sharing”

UK Government Data Sharing Governance Framework, Published 23 May 2022


Small Business Edition is  a  commercial-grade  solution  for organizing   business documentation  in  the cloud  that optimally  classifies  and  stores  information based on extracted  document  text  content

Stored documents are automatically encrypted and versioned to prevent accidental overwrite and data  loss  and  can  be  annotated,  linked,  locked,  previewed  and downloaded by authorised personnel

Role-based  access, folder level permissions  and individual document level security is used to manage  document  sharing and security  both  internally  and  also        externally  with  customers,  partners  and  stakeholders

Search-engine fast access and retrieval of documents  based on multiple  options including filename,  document text content,  folder location,  annotator,  metadata, smart tags and fuzzy matching provides rapid access to information from anywhere

Intelligent document filing

Small  Business   edition  uses  custom  knowledge  bases   to  optimize  the            classification  and  organization  of  files according  to  individual  business needs   

It  can  also  use  third-party  document  organization  systems,   for  example  the  internet  business  documentation  website  “Business-In-A-Box” – it has even been tested using over two and a half million Wikipedia classifications

APEX Cloud Apps intelligent document filing learns  user  preferences   and  ranks  recommended   document  cloud  storage  folder locations  more highly  when they have previously been used to store files of similar content. This results in an ever more  finely tuned  and  effective business  document  management  solution.

Enhanced information

Additional information can be linked to documents by authorised individuals who are able to add titles, descriptions, attach aide-memoire including images and hyperlinks, compare files with each other and group related documents together


Automatic versioning

Small Business Edition implements automatic file versioning that prevents
accidental data loss and allows document preview without downloading, including from mobile devices

MS Office 365 integration

The  MS Office 365  integration   app  can automatically  import  entire SharePoint  directory contents  into  APEX Cloud Apps  on a  scheduled  basis and  automatically save email  attachments into  folder locations based on the subject,  sender,  recipient  or AI analysed document content 

Imported MS Office 365 documents  are no different  to  other  documents in that  all  have  security  level  classifications,   automatic  versioning,  titles,          descriptions,  AI  generated  smart  tags  and  can  be  annotated,  linked,      previewed, moved and searched  by authorised users  who benefit  from        extended  search options and faster response times 


Small Business Edition
licensed components

  • Document Manager, including business document knowledge base of    2500+ categories

  • Application Store, including MS Office 365 integration app

  • System Administration
Small Business edition cost per User/month (terms & conditions apply)

Number of Users  

1  – (no limit) 

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